Our Core Values

Our core values underpin who we are, describe how we act when we’re at our best, and how we need to be to deliver our purpose in creating unforgettable holiday happiness for our Guests.

We are Guest obsessed

We continue to put our Guests front and centre, and work relentlessly to find ways to exceed their expectations.

We are heroes of ‘safe and well’

We are guardians for one another, our Guests, our communities and the environment. We must have the integrity to speak up, do the right thing, and operate ethically and in compliance around the world.

Better together

Building on the foundations of a just and fair culture we trust and support each other, developing stronger teams and better collaboration. By valuing and respecting one another’s diverse perspectives we can all belong in an inclusive community.

Determined and courageous

By being transparent, having honest conversations and encouraging positive suggestions to help us improve, we can share and learn from our mistakes and seize new opportunities.

Passionate about happiness

Happiness matters, so let’s create it together; for our Guests and the people we work with.